Saturday, 16 August 2008

what is more than an obsession...?

Today i finished my latest mask. The felted wool, seems like it might become a regular member of the collection. Im thinking about leather next and maybe a pirate style, I really am more than obsessed. I think people think its just a bit quirky for now but im sure they will start to get worried if i continue for a whole month. (my aunt has already sent me a message saying they are boring and uncommercial but its all that keeps me from twiddling my thumbs at the moment so i haven't stopped). If i carry on i will be drowning in these little pests by christmas. Ive even joked to my friend that i may end up making some for my poor little baby, (due december), What can i do with them? (and am i mad, or could this just be classed as borderline boredom?)

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