Thursday, 25 September 2008

im being lazy.....again.

This bunting was finished almost a week ago now. What i would call a Country Church Fete style. It made about 22m in finished length and i ended up having too much for the room but it was quite fun. Still wishing for the day i might own an overlocker so i dont have to bag everything out, press and topstitch. Thats labourious.
Today im being lazy, im restless, the weathers dull and i dont want to go attention span is short and i dont want to make
anything. Maybe i have creators block, i really hope it doesnt last. Fingers crossed.

(the print in the top picture is by Illustrator Rosie MacCurrach)

Friday, 19 September 2008

More for the bean

So i had a few last scraps of jersey and thought id also use some of my old fabric collection for 'girly' baby clothes. These are the results so far. More dresses in the making- got to experiment with a few more fabrics, can't help it.
Had an e-mail today from someone saying they liked my masks, quite joyous, there is hope for me still.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Baby baby baby....

Ok, so I know ive still got three and a half months to go but i get bored if i dont constantly have something to make. Ive made booties, shorts and bibs and then i made lots of sleeveless little numbers, all out of old clothes. The woolen ones are a little chunky but the jersey ones took a long time as i have no overlocker and had to hand sew all the binding. Stupid thing is you can pick up a just as useful one in

Woolworths for about £1 each and mine look like they were shop bought anyway. I wonder if i will actually use them...

I am also currently working on 20 meters of bunting using vintage fabrics from an old collection, which i hope will look spectacular and a felted woollen blanket. I guess the masks are on hold for a little bit, at least until i can get some interest in them and create a bit of a direction for production.

another bag....

Ive made so many of these bags already, different sizes, shapes, colours and fabrics. They are really practical, durable and the black ones always get a comment, they are proving to be quite popular. I made another one....