Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Things to do:

* Paint entire bedroom white- with studio space and good storage
* Move house, whilst fat and unable to lift things
* Sew lots of sample masks
* Make baby clothes
* Sewing for costume designer
* Work out what to give as Christmas presents and go into production
* Start collaboration work
* Go to Maternity classes
* Have baby
* Try to make new flat nicer, paint- make communal areas bearable-suitable for a little one
* Work out finances- how to support baby and myself
* Sew, sew, sew, sew, sew and live

I am just about to start the painting, as soon as i can get volunteers and then the rest is all just fingers crossed and try for the best. Im going to have a big scary year ahead of to keep my calm for today and not panic too much, im just going to finish a couple more masks......

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Anonymous said...

That's some task list you've set yourself - good luck and remember to stop for lots of tea and biscuits to keep you going!