Friday, 19 December 2008

Cooper would be drooling...

Again, the seasons favourite, 'felted wool'. This time, as a set of wool and crystal doughnut decorations. Time consuming to make but they look fun. Will need to up my skills within the packaging making department. Acrylic paints dont look all that slick!

Testing testing, 1, 2 and stop.

I was trying to get an idea of what my woolen blanket may look like, so i made some cushion covers for my room as a test. The colours and fabrics i had left were a bit nasty and only resulted in odd combinations. Easy to make, not so easy to make them look nice. Oh well, on the plus side they are very comfy and cosy. Good for people with limited sight maybe or very dark houses. I will have to try harder with the blanket and do much more hand finishing. It will be a big job but ive spent ages collecting and shrinking the wool. Though i dont think i will ever be fully happy with all the colours. I should have got my expert friend to dye them specifically. Ahhh, next time!

Favourite old jumpers

A few little teddy keyrings made from felted wool and some of that good old fashioned t-shirt paint, that had suprisingly not dried up since i was 12 years old. 'Favourite old jumpers', the christmas army, have marched on out to those people who helped me move house and bought special gifts for my baby.

White all over......

First part of the painting done and everything ended up white. Two work stations- one desk and one sewing table. Hopefully i can get back on the road with crafting pretty soon.

The rest of the house is a dump but at least this is my hideout, it will do until i can find something better. Its a pity white paint cant solve all the problems. Thank goodness for showers at Rosie's and good food and cards at Sofka's.