Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Pandora's elephant- insanity, 4

When i was younger my sisters and i had one of those giant sit on toys, very popular in the 70's i think they were. We had a giant felt tortoise. I really wanted to bring the magic of these things back to life. So far only elephants have been made. This one is for my new God daughter, Pandora. Next i want to make a pony with a little leather saddle. Id make tons if i had room in my house but i barely have room for one in our little dolls house so i will probably have to stop after that - tragic. I need a mansion house to contain all my crafting. Not having a home is sad sometimes. That's why crafting has become my obsession. I can craft and dream and transport myself into a world away from my reality. Woe is me, ha ha.

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