Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Birdcages- insanity, 8

These will be Jazz's Christmas presents. Rather strange, or kitsch wall decorations that i made from the leftovers of some fabric that i made into a load of bags. Rosie has assured me that they are fun, though i was a little unsure at first. Jazz will have her very own play room in her new house, a little jealous, as its a dream that wont ever materialise for us. But that's fine, i'm just carrying on crafting while i pretend its all happening in my own life, that's almost real, well real enough for now. Anyway playrooms need to be full of bright colourful toys and objects and i cant resist experimenting. Hope Nissa is not anti 'birds in cages' as a theme. She likes the quirky things i'm sure. Fingers crossed.

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