Saturday, 19 December 2009

Aye aye Cap'n!

Pirates are a big theme at the moment, have they always been? Dont mess with anyone wearing a patch. They mean business.

Made-up childhood rhymes

These are some more cushions, that i made for my sister. A pair which i covered with one of her made up rhymes. She did make up an awful lot of nonsence...but that is why she was so special, er... and still is. I'd say she was a little embarrassed by them as they posed a constant reminder of her former 'crazy'!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Yup, i decided to copy my Mother and make some wreaths as my Christmas decorations, note, my only decorations. They are all on the outside of the house so the inside looks positively un-festive. They may well get nicked by the roaming rebel kids, thrown frisbee style at each other but for now no one has complained about or trashed them. And i can rest in peace with the thought that i 'made an effort' for my daughters 1st Christmas, even if she cant exactly see them and is not exactly all that bothered! Hopefully i get put on Father Christmas' 'good' list now.

More tree decorations

And so, with this theme of using up old materials due to not having money to buy new ones. More of my mis-matched/mis-placed items are in manufacture. These baubles i made for Jo. So her little Marlo would have fun pulling them off the tree.

Daft Christmas presents

The other day i got really excited, i got an e-mail from the National Lottery saying they had some exciting news for me. I had actually purchased a rare online ticket, so i knew this wasn't a scam. I followed the links with bated breath thinking about how many millions might be coming my way, What size house i would by and would i choose carpets or floorboards with under floor heating, yes probably floorboards........... .
It was so hard to find the amount of my winnings and when eventually i saw the £8.70 credited to my account. I sank back into my chair and thought 'great'. So deciding what to do with my winnings was not really all that hard. Either use the money to buy more materials for sewing, (which quite frankly would get me very little of the gilded cord I've been eyeing up) or put it back into the pot and re-submit some numbers. And that's exactly what I've done. So until i finally get my windfall, im back to making some of my rather daft Christmas presents for people who are possibly not expecting them.
This is my freaky glove for Rowan who wears a (somewhat Michael Jackson Tribute) white cotton glove to keep eczema at bay. I thought id give her some options. Poor girl, there are more in the pipeline too. You better all hope i win the lottery soon, or the odd crafted gifts may unfortunately be headed your way.