Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My last few months making.....

'My Front Room' bazaar was a success, despite the heavy snow, which kept many indoors. Those who came had a chance to purchase many delicious things. I held a raffle for one of my ride-on stuffed toys, (of which little Theo Richards was the lucky winner) and we generally had a lovely sociable couple of days.

I went straight from creative block into creative overdrive. For a month i bust my guts and these are some of the little chaps that kept me up til  3:00 and 4:30 most mornings during that time. I do need a bit of a rest now though!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Back soon, (after my festive madness).....

I have not jumped the blogging ship!

After a brief moment of creative block, its business as usual here, (although maybe more frantic).

My label 'nyny' is currently producing stock for the christmas period. Though you may not see much here until the new year. Expect many more cloud mobiles, baby ones too. Colourful hobby horses, snakes and various other fun bits and pieces.

So if anyone happens to be in North London on the 18th 19th december, do stop by our Christmas sale for cashmere and cakes, toys, ideas or a good chat. This is where you can purchase some of the things that you see here, on this blog.

Busy busy busy..........back soon.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rainy days

Some things ive been making over the last few days. With the recent bad weather we've been hiding indoors more than usual.

A felted wool mobile, made from some shrunken jumpers, as usual. A bit like the owl cushions, there seem the be a few people making these at the moment. I currently have a mass of grey jumpers battling the moth invasion that has hit our part of the city, (can't help but feel slightly responsible) so thought id have a go.

Couldn't take a good picture in colour but you get the idea. Looks better in the flesh obviously. Has quite a charm about it and very tactile. Will possibly think about making a sun or a rainbow to accompany this. ( my sister said its a little depressing for a childs bedroom.)

I have also finally made the toadstool biscuits that i had planned for my daughters birthday...

.....while she watched two hours of Justin fletcher (her second love, Marlo being her first) programs, and ran about in her new party t-shirt.....

Rainy days.....although there are often so many disadvantages, can be fun too.

Pony show

Goodbye ponies, have fun in your new homes.

Horsing around

The last two horses are finished. They are just waiting for their rosettes now. My daughter and i have had a great time with these. We have fun cantering around the house together. She is very insistent that i join in and likes to choose my horse for me. Soon we will be left with one, as they are slowly going off to their new homes and the horsing around will have to cease.

trot trot trot.......

Another hobby horse, smaller than the last because this one is for an even smaller person. I plaited the forelock like a show pony. And tied in coloured ribbons.
 There are still more to come as ive been working on a few.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

One more for the stable

A hobby horse i have just finished. I ran out of the classic brown fabric i had been using as im already working on a few of these. I thought id use some of the scraps of fabric, that i demanded my sister salvage off our old childhood sofa, when she had it recovered. As the 70's floral pattern was already a little wild for a hobby horse, I decided to use pom poms instead of a classic mane so that they look a bit like show plaits. When something is a little out, i usually choose to make a few other bold decisions to try and make it look purposeful and i think it worked. I did however make it a little bit big for my daughter and as she rides around the house (and believe me, she does), it takes out quite a lot of stuff on the way. Here's hoping she wont have destroyed it, before she grows into it.

Snakes again....

Another baby snake made from knitted wools and cashmere. This time i used more realistic colours and gave him nostrils. Made the body slightly differently, though visually its the same. Not sure it saved time but was worth a try. This one is my favourite of all the snakes. Sssssssss  Ssssss Ssssss............as my daughter says while shoving a snake in my face. I brought this on my self.

Floor cushion

Having diverted my attention to other craftings, i have finally gotten round to finishing this off. My attempt at encouraging my child to sit sweetly in her room and read books. So far she has demonstrated it to be good for ramming her dolls pushchair across.Other than that, 'so what'. I didnt really expect any gratification.

I will also be writing less from now on (to everyones relief!) as my sweet child (grrrrrrr....) poured water all over the laptop a few weeks ago. The screen went just over a year ago, so i got a monitor on loan, now the keyboard doesnt work and i have a rather useless computer on which to work. Luckily i discovered an emergency on screen keyboard that i can summon but its hard work and hideously slow.

On another slant, my daughter has shown an interest in my sewing machine...no, not a wonderful desire to create things but a need to pull all the bobbins out and run off with the presser feet as well as giving it the occasional bash. She has almost killed the computer but i swear, if she harms the sewing machine, im sending her off to live with her Granny!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Abracadabra.....I made this cuddly soft pouffe out of my stash of old jumpers. Before my magic, it looked like this:

The night of my last post, one of my neighbours knocked on my door to offer me this leather atrocity, on his way to the local dump. Im not sure that he knows im a creative maniac, or that i cant say no to 'free furniture'. I think he just thought, 'she's poor, she might be grateful'.....and indeed i was. Though i shall now be hiding it just in case he wants it back!

I have been wanting to make a pouffe for ages now but never had a wooden base, on which to start. I hacked away at this one, added wheels, a lot of extra stuffing and covered it in cashmere and lambswool jumpers. Ready for the winter, its nice and cosy and the perfect height for a toddler to climb on. For now its in my daughters room, no room left at the inn! (well i say that but its not going to stop me crafting)

Friday, 13 August 2010

Style magician

My next few posts will be mostly about transformations. Being me; someone who has a deep loathing for all things unaesthetic; can be such a pain sometimes. As im constantly trying to make things nicer, newer and fresher, I seem to spend half my life improving things and then the other half, improving them a few months later! So here I am, in my role of 'Style Magician' again. I shall be mostly transforming one thing into another. I have a few of these feats. to achieve. One being to turn this folded up quilt into a more comfy, toddler friendly sofa.

I have four bin bags of sheeps fleece stuffing, donated to me by an old flat mate (removed from our old 50's sofa) and i am in the middle of making a thick mattress which i shall button stud and use here as a sofa. After much deliberation a mattress seemed the best shape as it could then be used by guests to sleep on and become a general pull out seat in the future. I didnt want to make something that would be outgrown and become useless in a couple of years.

Its going to take ages as the wool had previously been felted due to age and is taking hours to pull apart and card to fluffy lightness! Why do i torture myself...? recycling is labourious.

a couple more things

Another owl cushion and a silk crepe, style shopper. Made a few weeks ago but forgot to post. I have over six projects on the go at the moment and as always have overwhelmed myself that ive gone into meltdown again. Not to mention, am now broke. Productivity will resume when i get my sence back.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


As a birthday present for a friend, Rosie and I decided to make a pinata. 

We gathered lots of sweets

Made papier mache covered balloons

Constructed a fabulously exotic bird, around the hollow body filled with sweets

We stitched a headdress for the birthday girl

I made a blindfold like one of my old sleep masks.
When the celebrations started, the pinata went down well. All round, a success.......


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pimp my pushchair


Having been quite against pushchairs for little people for some time, I caved in the other day and got one from our local toy shop, on the way home from the park. I could no longer bear the fits of rage, when a stolen buggy had to be returned to its upset owner. I got over myself, ('remember its about the childs happiness, not my sense of style') reluctantly handing over my money for the poorly made, aesthetically unappealing Chinese made goods. But we had been home not more than two hours, child finally in bed and I ripped off the old seat and made a new one...of course i did. Just a quick fix with some old scraps but its miles better and i dont mind being seen with my child in the park now! (snob)

Why do manufacturers use such nasty fabrics? This is one of my ongoing dislikes about manufactured fabricated goods. Particularly mattresses and ironing boards. They dont need to be offensive to the eye, but they always are. (Of course i have already altered mine, not that you even thought for a minute that i hadn't). One thing at a time, i will change everything.................

Kitty's teddy bear

Using a 50's pattern I made a teddy for my friend's new baby. The arms and legs are un-jointed but have allowance in the fabric so they can move. Dont think i got the face quite right but can always try something different next time.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Horse mad.

It seems like i've been absent again for a while. Whilst i've not been posting pictures, i have been doing a small amount of sewing. Ive started a few things but for some reason keep moving onto the next thing before i finish the final seam of the one before. Hence no pictures...but there will be....like London buses, they will all come at once. Im pushing myself to try and finalise a few things now, these include a teddy bear, another owl cushion and a retro fabric dress. I have also been nurturing some tomato plants in the garden, painting my nails a ridiculous amount of times throughout the week (then spending just as much time admiring them), forcing myself to do sit ups everyday and also trying to get a tan in the park. (not a day goes by without someone questioning if the mixed race child i am pushing along is mine... give me a chance, I am white, the English summer is all over the place and no matter how much sun block i plaster on her, transforming her into a voodoo priestess, she gets visibly darker and i just get a pale watch mark!)

This hobby horse above was a practice. I wanted to see how well i could fasten it to the pole and how sturdy it would be (surprisingly strong). My daughter has decided it makes a good broom. Nothing is as it's supposed to be, in her world:

The rocking horse never gets sat on but pushed around the house like a supermarket trolley
The hobby horse is a combined broom and a very good duster (I have been shown)
The ride on horse is a punch bag and a great sticky finger cloth

I'm not sure if i should be teaching my daughter otherwise, she's not one for listening and doesn't like to be told. So this is what she has learnt on her own. We carry on regardless...her learning her own ways, me just rolling my eyes but doing nothing about it.

Our living room below is currently working a horsey theme

Monday, 28 June 2010

Owlets flew the nest

The day of the party came and all the little owlet bags went home with their new friends. Project over, time to start yet another one.......

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Baby Snake

There is now a baby snake to keep the big one company. Exactly half the size and much more manageable for a toddler, (just not so good at tying them up).