Sunday, 21 March 2010

I've got balls! i've got a pea....for a brain.

I'd like to think of myself as someone who's a bit quirky, making odd or different things to the rest of the crafting world. (especially as i'll try my hand at anything). Then I do something like this and laugh at how i'm no different from anyone else. So yesterday I came over all floral, a bit Cath Kidston maybe and i've started my descent into 'homewares' quite clearly now. The idea was that i could hide the balls all over the house and my little girl would ride around and find them, collecting them in the basket as she went. (note: this is obviously designed with a large country house in mind, possibly the one in my head. It has absolutely no place in a shoebox flat like mine. Great idea, I know. So perhaps its just to look at!)

The other day I was chatting with a friend about careers after; or rather alongside, children. She was talking about a friend of her's who is planning on going back into the fashion industry and clearly stated that she didn't want to become the cliche 'mum turned interior designer'. Because that is obviously not cool! .........And here I shrink, turning inward on my embarrassed shell, for what I have always looked down upon and turned my nose up at, I have become!
I may be a boring cliche, but at least I have some lovely colourful balls!

(These balls were each made from 12 pentagons. So easy to stitch......stuff and voila your child has something slightly less painful to throw at your head.)

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