Tuesday, 2 March 2010

One day Tapestry will adorn every surface.

You KNOW I have a deep obsession with Tapestry, (maybe not quite the extent of that obsession but you are aware I harbour slightly over excitable feelings towards the technique).
If it were easier to produce and less labour intensive I think almost all my soft furnishings would be made and upholstered using tapestry canvases. As this is a quite unreasonable dream I tend to just splash a bit here and there whenever I can.
I recently bought this second hand ride-on horse for my daughter. It had an unbleached cotton cushion pad, which quite frankly was screaming for some love. I nurtured it and added the obligatory tapestry and great grandmother's old upholstery braid. Much more pleasing to the eye and hopefully quite durable. (unless the banana hands and chocolate dribble go near it.......yeah, that is likely. Maybe i should keep a thistle head purched upon it?)

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