Monday, 29 March 2010

Queue jumping.

Things 'seem' to be moving very slowly here, yet ive gone into over drive with my stitching and late nights.
Ive gone to bed at 3am a few times this past week, which is not great as the little one is waking at 4:30-5:00 at the moment. But I am fully aware, I do it to myself. No one is telling me to stay up til the wee hours sewing or making presents. Ive decided to make it an early night tonight though as i have been quite grey all day!

Thing is, I have this list by my desk. Its a note of all the current projects i have on the go and the things i need to do, to get them finished. Like these floor animals here, which i was determined not to show until they were finished but not posting makes me feel as if ive been lazy. Which is ridiculous. So here they are, amidst the half stuffed, half stitched mayhem in my tiny front room. Crazy coloured elephant has had lots of stuffing pinched from his belly as my little girl thinks she is helping somehow....i get the impression. There is still lots of work as you can see and stuffing them properly is the hardest part of all- i hate wrinkles and crinkles!

The reason ive not finished them yet is that other things; urgent little projects, keep jumping the queue. My best friend recently got married in New York and as i was not there and cant afford to go and see her.....well, until i win the lottery. I just have to send her something fun. So that was the first queue jumper. Then there was another close friend who recently had a baby. Its been a tough week for her and i decided to look back at something i was considering making for her a while back but gave up on. She has done amazingly and I thought i should pull my finger out and try a little harder myself- hence queue jumping project number two.
So first queue jumper is almost done, well stitched and half wrapped but as yet, missing the letter and the film footage and of course is not complete untill i leave the post office having paid my hefty postage and left my precious package in the hands of fate. Number two has a head but no body. Its been tricky and very fiddly but will get done in some shape or form over the next two days. So i am sewing; every day, maybe a bit too much and at some point i will have a whole bundle off stuff to unload.

My list is daunting. Here's to the next few months chained to the sewing machine...........

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