Saturday, 3 April 2010

Egg rolling

Today we went to the park, to par take in Egg rolling. Basically this involves bowling eggs down a hill to see which egg travels the furthest distance without cracking or breaking. Each contestant previously hard boils their egg and decorates it in their chosen style to distinguish it from others. Some methods of decoration can either strengthen or weaken the shells, which means that each egg is very different from the next. Shape, size, time of boil- are all factors in the science of finding a winner!

Here are some of the eggs that we bowled. 'Thunderbolt', back row, third from right was the overall winner. Combination of owners strong bowling arm and slick design must have been factors. Runners up were Golden dream and Pink typhoon.

Conclusion: very childish but a lot of fun. Next year we will get serious and place real bets. (Im going to work on my laquered, crack-resistant glazing).

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Troutie said...

Of course your eggs would look that amazing....