Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Meet Erol the Elephant. He's been sitting around for ages, waiting for a blanket. I sized him up for 50's blue flowers but he didnt like the texture of the fabric (it was too scratchy and a bit too girly). So eventually i got this bright retro print which id had my eye on. I bought it from this lovely lady. Im a bit jealous of her gorgeous fabric cupboard!
Erol likes to play games, he's gentle but strong and most of all he is dependable. He doesn't much like having his pom pom's pulled but that's children for you and Erol just plays along!


Anonymous said...

These are stunning!!!

...and I absolutely ADORE your banner.

I have a wind up record player too - I love it x

lauralai said...

Thank you, that is really sweet of you to say so.

Its a picture of my best friend modelling my degree collection back when i was at university. The colours and composition are lovely. I had a great bunch of friends helping out.