Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Our little front room zoo........ say 'Cheese'!

I've finally finished out little zoo. These are the only ones we are keeping. Ive still got the colourful disco elephant to sell but im not sure if there will be any more now. I got quite rashy from all the stuffing (which is by far the hardest part) and im not sure i can go through it all again, not with my sensitive i'd need a barn to keep them all in, its already feeling a bit like sardines in here. It was fun though, I do like looking at them and my little girl loves to jump and sit on them. Pity i didn't reach my secret aim of making a stack of them up to the ceiling. I worked out that i'd need to make another 5 or 6 and as ive already made 5 (yet only got 4 here), it seemed like a ridiculous task to put on my list seeing as ive already got so much to do. In another life maybe. Otherwise, task completed. Phew.

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