Thursday, 1 April 2010

This little piggy.......

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home. This little piggy ate roast beef...........! Yes, lots of it!

I have finally finished one of my queue jumping projects. The 3am killers!

This should have been simple but was not so. The idea was to recreate a little pig toy that belonged to a friend of mine. It was one of her childhood teddies. Whenever we went round to her house my little girl loved to play with 'pink piggy'. She lent it to me so that i might be able to copy the pattern and make one for us to have.

Of course, i gave up pretty quickly. After sitting down for about 20 minutes studying it, i decided it was too complicated. The original teddy was made in the late 50's i think but the pattern could well have been earlier. Lots of seams all end at the same point. The seaming is quite odd and very unusual. You definitly would not make a soft toy like this these days. Im not sure the point of it really but it is interesting to look at. Anyway i returned the piggy saying i was not that dedicated to the task.

A while later we were round my friends house and out came pink piggy for entertainment. My friends mother was there and she told me a lovely story of how her mother made her this little pig originally when she was tiny. When she had a daughter of her own, she found the pattern and made a piggy for her daughter, (my friend). So the pig on the left is the second generation, belonging to my friend. the original pattern has long since been lost unfortunatly.

When my friend went into hospital to give birth to her first child ( and last she tells me! a week ago), it took a lot longer than we all anticipated. She had a tough time, not the best experience but they both pulled through and are now doing brilliantly. I thought of what i could give to the newborn and had the great idea that i was going to give piggy another go. I got her mother to sneak piggy out to me one day and set to work. Literally night and day!

I made a pattern from looking at the outside of piggy as i obviously could not take him apart. Not so easy when the item has been pulled about, loved and washed for over thirty years! Then i made up a sample in a pale pink cashmere. Piggy was big! Must be my choice of fabric as it stretches when stuffed. I then altered some pattern pieces and re-made him in the final fabric. A salmon coloured felted wool which was a jumper that my mother recently shrunk and passed onto me for such purposes.

Piggy seems even bigger! I have no idea why, i can only deduce that my little one has been sneaking him chocolate buttons while i have not been looking.

And here my piggy making ends............ Im glad he's finished, even if he turned out quite different from the original and is the size of a small baby. Ah well, we will have tester piggy then. He's a bit ugly as i gave him stern bushy eyebrows but im sure my little one wont even notice, as she stuffs him into the kitchen bin.......sigh!

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