Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sugar hit with a cocktail stick

Firstly, i know im not a baker. I don't post recipies and i don't talk about food, well hardly ever i think...i mean not in my blog anyway. Its pretty much got to be about needles and thread. Baking is a time passing activity when i have nothing to sew. When i left London because i was ill, and too hopeless to look after my child, i swore not to take needles and thread. Its true, i did not touch a single needle in two and a half weeks. I really  missed my sewing and felt myself going grey at the edges. While some people miss their partner or children when they go away from home, i missed my sewing machine!

So one day,when i had the use of my arm back again i decided to make iced biscuits from an 80's recipie book that my mum had kept from my childhood. Ok, so the recipie i pretty much completely changed but it was the picure of coloured icing, sprinkles and sweets that hooked me. So i made my own version from my mothers tiny old Tala cutters and iced them to perfection to mimic the style of the little jeweled biscuits i had yearned for when i was about five.

Thing is they dont tell you how they get their icing so neat, don't say 'a teaspoon' it doesn't work, not to get that perfect line of biscuit border anyway and piping is too fussy and requires too much washing of parts each time you change colour. So i decided on a cocktail stick. Yes, 7 hours later and my 90 biscuits were finally finished. They were pretty looking and tasted good too (as i used real flavours, made my own lemon curd e.t.c) but someone please please, give me some inside info. on how to ice them in less time, with more ease.  Seven hours to make biscuits- im such a loser and i got back pain and sore eyes to boot. Im planning on a more simple shape for my daughters birthday party but i need to speed up on the icing. Help needed !


justherdingcats said...

Crikey, a cocktail stick?? I'm more of a stitcher than a baker too I'm afraid. My sewing machine has just come out of the repair shop and its been welcomed with open arms ( a warmer welcome than I gave to my son who returned from camping this weekend with a huge bag of sodden washing - yuk).

Make sure you use enough icing sugar thats the mistake I usually make - they look lovely though. Maybe a butter knife would help? I am so impressed with the homemade lemon curd- how??

Good luck, sorry to not be much help - I love the owls.


lauralai said...

Thanks for your comment. I shall attempt more biscuits soon and see what ideas i come up with.
Lemon curd is super duper easy, but you need a good market to get a sack full of lemons from, else its too costly. I can pass on a simple recipe if you like.
Im hoping to get an overlocker soon. (To slowly realise my dream of posessing a room full of machines!) I will then have to share my love between the two machines, my child will get the remainder!
Keep up the good stitching.