Monday, 28 June 2010

Owlets flew the nest

The day of the party came and all the little owlet bags went home with their new friends. Project over, time to start yet another one.......

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Baby Snake

There is now a baby snake to keep the big one company. Exactly half the size and much more manageable for a toddler, (just not so good at tying them up).

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Moths had a feast over the winter........

After i had a moth invasion this winter, most of my knitwear was left un-repairable and has ended up in my fabric pile, waiting for some good ideas. Even though i lost all my good cardigans i cant help but think the moths were working with me in some kind of 'reverse' psychology sort of a way. That love of fine knit, i just cant shake it!

So once i had finished my toile, i was straight onto the final snake. I finished him late last night, while watching a couple of episodes of CSI.( I think this is maybe why his eyes came out a little scary). He's pretty much just what i was imagining, so im quite happy. I didn't have all the colours i would have liked and the pale green makes me a little queezy in this colour combination but then there are always a good ten or so faults i can find in anything. (The curse of the perfectionist).

Plain, simple but striking and great fun.

So far he has been dragged about the house by the head, how long that leather tongue will last is anybody's guess. As im well overdue a proper clean he's doing a great job of dusting, or rather..picking up large clumps of fluff, yuck!

For such a simple toy he took a long time to make. Just under 14 hours! It was due to the huge amount of hand stitching. Im sure if i made another i could knock off a few hours but probably not many if i still used wool. Fabrics would be quicker but i prefer the feel of felted wool for this one.

I have more things on my list, a hobby horse, some dresses and of course to finish all the party things. But with my new curfew of 12 midnight....(often ends up 1am) its making things slower. If i had machines......sigh, if i were a machine.......

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


This was my practice at making a snake toy. Its not supposed to be a draught excluder, though it turned out much like one. I lightly stuffed it so that it would bend but what i realised through making this, was that there needed to be a greater length to width ratio for it to work properly.
I am already working on the actual one, which... guessed it, is made out of felted wool. It is probably just over two meters long and exactly half the width of the first. Its great to tie around your neck and knot up like a pretzel....what more could you want?    Erm.... my daughter would probably prefer to have free access to my clothing drawers. She likes to style herself with my underwear like scarves and shawls and make a point of letting me know about it. Im finding it increasingly worrying, in a taboo sort of way. Though of course hilarious too (dont get me wrong, im no prude) but have decided that i would make this snake toy as the new thing she could wrap around her shoulders and prance about the house with. But when all is said and done, stitched and embellished, you and i know that underwear drawer is still going to be a favourite.