Friday, 9 July 2010

Horse mad.

It seems like i've been absent again for a while. Whilst i've not been posting pictures, i have been doing a small amount of sewing. Ive started a few things but for some reason keep moving onto the next thing before i finish the final seam of the one before. Hence no pictures...but there will London buses, they will all come at once. Im pushing myself to try and finalise a few things now, these include a teddy bear, another owl cushion and a retro fabric dress. I have also been nurturing some tomato plants in the garden, painting my nails a ridiculous amount of times throughout the week (then spending just as much time admiring them), forcing myself to do sit ups everyday and also trying to get a tan in the park. (not a day goes by without someone questioning if the mixed race child i am pushing along is mine... give me a chance, I am white, the English summer is all over the place and no matter how much sun block i plaster on her, transforming her into a voodoo priestess, she gets visibly darker and i just get a pale watch mark!)

This hobby horse above was a practice. I wanted to see how well i could fasten it to the pole and how sturdy it would be (surprisingly strong). My daughter has decided it makes a good broom. Nothing is as it's supposed to be, in her world:

The rocking horse never gets sat on but pushed around the house like a supermarket trolley
The hobby horse is a combined broom and a very good duster (I have been shown)
The ride on horse is a punch bag and a great sticky finger cloth

I'm not sure if i should be teaching my daughter otherwise, she's not one for listening and doesn't like to be told. So this is what she has learnt on her own. We carry on regardless...her learning her own ways, me just rolling my eyes but doing nothing about it.

Our living room below is currently working a horsey theme

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Troutie said...

A little man that you know pointed to a mixed race girl in a book and said your daughter's name. Also, for some reason every time swimming gets mentioned he also says your daughter's name. Have they been going on secret swim adventures together?

Love your horse by the way!