Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pimp my pushchair


Having been quite against pushchairs for little people for some time, I caved in the other day and got one from our local toy shop, on the way home from the park. I could no longer bear the fits of rage, when a stolen buggy had to be returned to its upset owner. I got over myself, ('remember its about the childs happiness, not my sense of style') reluctantly handing over my money for the poorly made, aesthetically unappealing Chinese made goods. But we had been home not more than two hours, child finally in bed and I ripped off the old seat and made a new one...of course i did. Just a quick fix with some old scraps but its miles better and i dont mind being seen with my child in the park now! (snob)

Why do manufacturers use such nasty fabrics? This is one of my ongoing dislikes about manufactured fabricated goods. Particularly mattresses and ironing boards. They dont need to be offensive to the eye, but they always are. (Of course i have already altered mine, not that you even thought for a minute that i hadn't). One thing at a time, i will change everything.................

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