Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Abracadabra.....I made this cuddly soft pouffe out of my stash of old jumpers. Before my magic, it looked like this:

The night of my last post, one of my neighbours knocked on my door to offer me this leather atrocity, on his way to the local dump. Im not sure that he knows im a creative maniac, or that i cant say no to 'free furniture'. I think he just thought, 'she's poor, she might be grateful'.....and indeed i was. Though i shall now be hiding it just in case he wants it back!

I have been wanting to make a pouffe for ages now but never had a wooden base, on which to start. I hacked away at this one, added wheels, a lot of extra stuffing and covered it in cashmere and lambswool jumpers. Ready for the winter, its nice and cosy and the perfect height for a toddler to climb on. For now its in my daughters room, no room left at the inn! (well i say that but its not going to stop me crafting)

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