Friday, 13 August 2010

Style magician

My next few posts will be mostly about transformations. Being me; someone who has a deep loathing for all things unaesthetic; can be such a pain sometimes. As im constantly trying to make things nicer, newer and fresher, I seem to spend half my life improving things and then the other half, improving them a few months later! So here I am, in my role of 'Style Magician' again. I shall be mostly transforming one thing into another. I have a few of these feats. to achieve. One being to turn this folded up quilt into a more comfy, toddler friendly sofa.

I have four bin bags of sheeps fleece stuffing, donated to me by an old flat mate (removed from our old 50's sofa) and i am in the middle of making a thick mattress which i shall button stud and use here as a sofa. After much deliberation a mattress seemed the best shape as it could then be used by guests to sleep on and become a general pull out seat in the future. I didnt want to make something that would be outgrown and become useless in a couple of years.

Its going to take ages as the wool had previously been felted due to age and is taking hours to pull apart and card to fluffy lightness! Why do i torture myself...? recycling is labourious.

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