Thursday, 23 September 2010

Floor cushion

Having diverted my attention to other craftings, i have finally gotten round to finishing this off. My attempt at encouraging my child to sit sweetly in her room and read books. So far she has demonstrated it to be good for ramming her dolls pushchair across.Other than that, 'so what'. I didnt really expect any gratification.

I will also be writing less from now on (to everyones relief!) as my sweet child (grrrrrrr....) poured water all over the laptop a few weeks ago. The screen went just over a year ago, so i got a monitor on loan, now the keyboard doesnt work and i have a rather useless computer on which to work. Luckily i discovered an emergency on screen keyboard that i can summon but its hard work and hideously slow.

On another slant, my daughter has shown an interest in my sewing, not a wonderful desire to create things but a need to pull all the bobbins out and run off with the presser feet as well as giving it the occasional bash. She has almost killed the computer but i swear, if she harms the sewing machine, im sending her off to live with her Granny!

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