Thursday, 23 September 2010

One more for the stable

A hobby horse i have just finished. I ran out of the classic brown fabric i had been using as im already working on a few of these. I thought id use some of the scraps of fabric, that i demanded my sister salvage off our old childhood sofa, when she had it recovered. As the 70's floral pattern was already a little wild for a hobby horse, I decided to use pom poms instead of a classic mane so that they look a bit like show plaits. When something is a little out, i usually choose to make a few other bold decisions to try and make it look purposeful and i think it worked. I did however make it a little bit big for my daughter and as she rides around the house (and believe me, she does), it takes out quite a lot of stuff on the way. Here's hoping she wont have destroyed it, before she grows into it.

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