Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rainy days

Some things ive been making over the last few days. With the recent bad weather we've been hiding indoors more than usual.

A felted wool mobile, made from some shrunken jumpers, as usual. A bit like the owl cushions, there seem the be a few people making these at the moment. I currently have a mass of grey jumpers battling the moth invasion that has hit our part of the city, (can't help but feel slightly responsible) so thought id have a go.

Couldn't take a good picture in colour but you get the idea. Looks better in the flesh obviously. Has quite a charm about it and very tactile. Will possibly think about making a sun or a rainbow to accompany this. ( my sister said its a little depressing for a childs bedroom.)

I have also finally made the toadstool biscuits that i had planned for my daughters birthday...

.....while she watched two hours of Justin fletcher (her second love, Marlo being her first) programs, and ran about in her new party t-shirt.....

Rainy days.....although there are often so many disadvantages, can be fun too.

Pony show

Goodbye ponies, have fun in your new homes.

Horsing around

The last two horses are finished. They are just waiting for their rosettes now. My daughter and i have had a great time with these. We have fun cantering around the house together. She is very insistent that i join in and likes to choose my horse for me. Soon we will be left with one, as they are slowly going off to their new homes and the horsing around will have to cease.

trot trot trot.......

Another hobby horse, smaller than the last because this one is for an even smaller person. I plaited the forelock like a show pony. And tied in coloured ribbons.
 There are still more to come as ive been working on a few.