Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rainy days

Some things ive been making over the last few days. With the recent bad weather we've been hiding indoors more than usual.

A felted wool mobile, made from some shrunken jumpers, as usual. A bit like the owl cushions, there seem the be a few people making these at the moment. I currently have a mass of grey jumpers battling the moth invasion that has hit our part of the city, (can't help but feel slightly responsible) so thought id have a go.

Couldn't take a good picture in colour but you get the idea. Looks better in the flesh obviously. Has quite a charm about it and very tactile. Will possibly think about making a sun or a rainbow to accompany this. ( my sister said its a little depressing for a childs bedroom.)

I have also finally made the toadstool biscuits that i had planned for my daughters birthday...

.....while she watched two hours of Justin fletcher (her second love, Marlo being her first) programs, and ran about in her new party t-shirt.....

Rainy days.....although there are often so many disadvantages, can be fun too.

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