Sunday, 6 February 2011

Machine aside, child out of the cupboard......

I have been incredibly lazy of late. Ive slackened on my creative activities in order to pay my two year old more attention.
Attention she so rightly deserves though, as if i don't give it to her she will not be getting it from anywhere else. Its hard to find this balance and I'd say I've probably never found it. I'm an 'all or nothing' sort of a lady. I tend to either forget she exists (and purposely leave the biscuit cupboard open so she can feed herself!) while immersing myself in my world of sewing or pack away my pins and dare i say it move my sewing machine from its rightful place, centre table and do child orientated activities full time. I'm pretty exhausted after all the 'mummy' stuff and desperately need to shunt my sewing machine back over, the full 20 inches.

To express how much this is needed i will show you the pathetic excuses for 'creativity' that i currently have to offer.....

One painted table, nice 3/4 yellow glossed legs which you cant see, with gimmicky (but practical) blackboard painted top. Some pink play dough, (oh dear has it come to me blogging about that?!)

An orange flavoured cat shaped jelly (don't worry, it has been eaten. Its not sitting on a shelf somewhere)

A 'pi bah' as my daughter calls it. A doll carrier which i modelled on my Ergo with proper clips and all the right straps. I also made a Mei tai in the same fabric but this was a while ago and i may save that for a blog in even more desperate times!

Yes everyone, its pretty bad! If you can all send me some of those lovely creative vibes i may get back on track and have something more worthy to show you. I better go stock up the biscuit cupboard now.....

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