Monday, 28 March 2011

Last few snakes

The last few snakes, again each of them are different. Three baby snakes and one big snake.

A sky full of dreamy clouds


These are some of the cloud mobiles i have for sale. A variety of big and small ones, each totally unique. They make great decorations for a bedroom and the colourful raindrop versions are the perfect baby shower gift.

Things for sale!

I am currently selling a lot of my craftings. I have a few too many boxes of stock in my tiny house and need to make space for a wild child on a wayward scooter. If you see anything you like, drop me a line at the address opposite and i can give you prices and postal costs. Here are some vintage print moth bags, a mai tai and the ride on horse and cart complete with fabric balls.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

So many super heroes

I've had the cupboards closed again as you may have realised, due to my lack of blogging. I have actually been looking after my child! These were just evening mini projects. All made for superheroes that i know. I have had more requests but i may need to look into purchasing some more inspiring fabrics.
I still have tons of things on the go but i cannot sew in my living room on cold days as its just too depressing. (Damp Victorian building = Style over practicallity- again, i lose.) As this milder weather approaches i can already feel the desire to sew, come tingling back into my fingertips.
Working on a cushion pad from a neighbours donated box packing materials. Fingers crossed. Just made a new nappy bag from some Sanderson Dandelion Clock oil cloth. Made a few pencilcases, blah blah. if any of it's worthy, you shall see it.