Sunday, 27 March 2011

So many super heroes

I've had the cupboards closed again as you may have realised, due to my lack of blogging. I have actually been looking after my child! These were just evening mini projects. All made for superheroes that i know. I have had more requests but i may need to look into purchasing some more inspiring fabrics.
I still have tons of things on the go but i cannot sew in my living room on cold days as its just too depressing. (Damp Victorian building = Style over practicallity- again, i lose.) As this milder weather approaches i can already feel the desire to sew, come tingling back into my fingertips.
Working on a cushion pad from a neighbours donated box packing materials. Fingers crossed. Just made a new nappy bag from some Sanderson Dandelion Clock oil cloth. Made a few pencilcases, blah blah. if any of it's worthy, you shall see it.

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