Friday, 20 May 2011

Best present ever!

Last week i recieved the best birthday present ever. A tube arrived in the post, heavy and conspicuous. Fearing i'd ordered something i couldn't pay for  i hacked it open to find six tubs of screen printing ink and a note saying, bill to be sent to my mother's address. Ah haa, its a birthday present, oops i opened it a day early, tut tut. Having called my mother to express my gratitude and also amazement at her spot on present choice, (no prompting or help given), I set to work. This is what ive been up to over the last week.......

I drew some very scrappy ideas. I wanted a basic house image. Cute but not too kitsch. My drawings are childlike at best- i keep telling people but they dont believe is proof of my inability to draw.

I drew the block shapes for my stencil before extracting the elements for colour seperation to make my bunch of stencils. I actually did five seperate stencils for this house design even though there are only four colours.

The body of the house. Pink for girls, orange for boys.....did i mention what these are for....doh, probably not. They are the party bags for my daughters party next month. I did a bit of a project last year and it was a lot of fun so decided to do it again. Some people think im a bit mad. It does take a lot of time, energy and money (which i save for, over a few months) but i love doing it.

At this point i took my Illustrator/textile artist friends advice and used spray mount to fix my stencil to the screen and that was revolutionary! The detail came out really well and no splurging ink, as with the last few stencils. So the complex roof design printed well, while the simple rectangles of the previous screens all bled! Typical but im glad i have the spray mount tip under my wing now.

My tiled roof prints, hanging above their inspiration below.

Clouds for the back of the bags. Two screens for this- one for the cloud and another for the raindrops.

I bought a few inches of squeegee rubber and cut it up to make perfect mini squeegees which would be useful to colour different element on the same screen. It saves time and the hassle of changing screens but the elements need to be spaced far apart enough for this to work.

My finished houses. Not as slic as i was expecting but i lined them up by eye so it was a bit tricky to get all screens to sit exactly in place. Working blind towards the end.

The houses and their corresponding clouds. I will make a few sample bags before i stitch them all up. One month to go, so plenty of time left.

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