Friday, 20 May 2011

Ice creams and Lollies

As part of the party preparations, i have invitations to design. I did some more of my great scribbling and came up with two more designs to print on to cards. Please bear in mind these are all hanging upside down as they dry on my newly erected, living room washing line.

Ice lollies in four colours using three screens. Ice creams in eight colours using five screens. (Thanks to my ingenious mini squeegees).  I liked these but felt they were a little abstract out of context so decided on the more obvious and elaborate ice cream, as the final invite design. Here is the construction of the ice cream print....

And finally i like to stand back and admire all my hard work! I printed about 30 of these, as that is all my line would take but of course i still have the stencils to use again. This is one over the top, slightly sickly looking ice cream. Though when i show it to my daughter she says 'Tasty ice keem' and seeing as its her party invite, I'm happy she likes it. Job done.

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