Friday, 20 May 2011

Party bag pieces

As a lot of people i know will be reading this, look away now if you will be joining us for the party or at least act surprised when you/ your child receives these things in their bag of fun! If i save it to blog after the event i will never get around to it and i prefer to keep things chronological, so I'm just going to have to ruin the surprise. I have been collecting things for months now, to go inside the bags. I've had to stop myself many times as i would go totally over board if allowed. Luckily my budget keeps me in check, relatively. But then we can easily live off porridge for a week, so that helps at times too. Anyway, here are some things i made .....

Temporary tattoo packs, for girls and boys.

A while back we bought some temporary tattoos from the local toy shop. I thought my daughter would like them as she keeps trying to get me to draw on her. They were a set of girly butterflies. She loved the 'futterdines' and kept showing everyone her wrists where she had them. She kept asking for more so i decided to plaster them all over her so she would stop asking. They all rubbed off long ago now but her friend keeps lifting up her top to see her butterflies! Ok, long story. So i searched high and low and found many companies selling individual designs. I was hoping for old school retro and sailing ones but there weren't enough good designs, so i mixed it up a bit. I made little packs for them to go in.

These are my some of my art packs. I sourced mini glue sticks and safety scissors and cut up tons of colourful papers to go inside. Armed with a 69p retractable craft knife it took many hours. Gone are the days of living at home and sneaking into my fathers study to use his guillotine. (Another item on my list for 'dream studio space').

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