Saturday, 7 May 2011

Screen adventures

Quite a few months back, a friend of mine told me he'd found a bundle of screen printing stuff on the road side and did i want it. In my eager excitement i jumped at the offer because ive always longed to get back into printing and wanted to do it from home. Im not going to lie, the bundle of equipment lay outside my kitchen window for a good four months before i decided to do something with it. It consisted of one printing frame (screenless and coated in staples), one over sized squeegee which would not fit the wooden frame and a frame set/holder, with vacum application, for printing posters i think as you cant get fabric in there. I have no clue- will need to experiment. Anyway, one huge blister and a sliced hand later, the screen was ready for stretching. I used a 47T, as close to the 43T mesh advised, as i could get and it looked ok. Not great but useable. Thanks useless plastic staplegun!

I constructed a rather odd print bed from an offcut of a matress topper and some cotton. Looks a bit like an incontinence bed pad! Attaches to my tiny table with nice big bows.

Cut a stencil......yes, you guessed it, that blinkin' cloud again! Ignore the messy screen silk. Its fixed now.

Then got printing......and printng........

.....and printing, til it was 3am in the morning and i had no clue what i was going to do with hundreds of the same clouds on scrap fabric.

Then the next night i did the same til 3am but this time blocked the rain drops to print multicoloured later on. Basically the moral of this story is 'Screen printing is addictive'. You will end up with way too many prints unless you set rules. I need rules!

The same night i printed some envelopes but the design is too fine for a stencil, as it clogs and overflows. Lesson to self.

All im looking for now is a lamp, so i can photographically expose my screens for more complex and interesting designs......oh yeah and a ton more screen printing gear. Tonight I shall pray to the streets of Hackney for more treasure.

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