Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tidying up

Ive been doing a bit of my usual 'starting' and not 'finishing' in the past months. As light and warmth has returned to my house im slowly trying to wrap things up and clear my messy work space, the dining table. The over cushioned chair finally has its new cushion, made from my neighbours recycled wool pack.

Its not quite right but its much better than before and at least the cushion stays on the chair when you get up- unlike the nasty Ikea button print one. I think i need to research how to pattern cut to allow for button studding as it came out a bit tight with none of the nice folds. But the cheap piece of  Dandelion Clocks i won on e-bay is a welcome print in the house. When im less lazy i may even re-paint the chair.

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