Monday, 27 June 2011

Party bags - year 2.5

Finally the party bags are complete and with their little people. Second year done- made it, phew! Lots of fun things inside, including Bear snacks, Stella McCartney for Gap hoodies, art and tattoo packs. Very diy this year and super fun to make. My bags were much admired and my daughter really likes hers. Girls had pink and boys got orange.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Ice Cream Cards

Last night i finished a new edition of cards. Ice creams in mint, an edition of 40. I have lots more ideas that i think will look great as card designs but im not showing you my childlike drawings as you will just laugh!

Jenniflower, Exeter Devon.

Here are a few pictures of my work in Jenniflower. The display is small and understated but just enough colour to attract attention. I will admit i was a bit rusty in setting up a display but the Exhibition organiser Anna was a star and did a great job. I really like the card display and have decided to work on some more ideas.......i already have a note book full of scribbles. I just need lots of energy to work through the nights, as its not safe to work in the day with a toddler on the loose!

Past Present Future, Exeter, Devon.

This is the exhibition i have just put some things into. It is in Exeter, where i studied Art Foundation, so many moons ago. I love that the leaflet has a picture of a 'Fab' ice lolly and abstract sprinkles, just like my screen print cards. I am not sure if this is a complete coincidence but its great! My work is in Jenniflower, a beautiful Florist next to central station. The Exhibition blog can be found here

Quilting clouds

I machine quilted my big cloud screen print in the dead of night. It took ages and i had to put my machine on the floor due to the size of the fabric. I was attempting to re-create a sail makers studio that i saw in Antigua. they have pits in the floor where the sewing machine is inset. The machinist sits down in the pit and the needle plate is level with the floor- ingenious! This was as low as i could get my machine to the floor without breaking my back. Of course a larger table would have been much better!

I turned this into a quilt with a turquoise binding around the edge.

'English Summer' screen print

As its been pretty obvious from my blog, clouds have been a big theme in my work. Yes that's down to you English weather! I have worked my motif into a repeat print, this time with some happy yellow umbrellas, which represent the sun, (wherever it may be hiding!) Two screens with four colours. Thanks again to my mini squeegees! It was a lengthy process due to my tiny table but the outcome was worth it.

Another spoilt!

A friend of mine recently gave me a huge collection of her screen printing supplies. She is relocating back to New Zealand and i was the lucky one who received this bundle of delights! I was so excited, i got to work immediately. As there were both fabric and paper inks i decided to print some cards for and upcoming display i am to be part of, back in Devon.

Ice lollies as before but ive re-aligned the stencils by cutting them more acurately and changed the colours so they are less murky. I also did this mini rain cloud card, which was a nightmare. There were too many colours and very sharp angles in the stencils, which meant the ink splurged a lot. Almost half printed were waste! I have decided to print in limited editions. If a print is to be repeated the colours must be different. They were actually quite fun to make and a hand printed card is quite a special thing in these times of impersonal internet card companies. Im pretty sure there will be more to come.