Friday, 17 June 2011

Another spoilt!

A friend of mine recently gave me a huge collection of her screen printing supplies. She is relocating back to New Zealand and i was the lucky one who received this bundle of delights! I was so excited, i got to work immediately. As there were both fabric and paper inks i decided to print some cards for and upcoming display i am to be part of, back in Devon.

Ice lollies as before but ive re-aligned the stencils by cutting them more acurately and changed the colours so they are less murky. I also did this mini rain cloud card, which was a nightmare. There were too many colours and very sharp angles in the stencils, which meant the ink splurged a lot. Almost half printed were waste! I have decided to print in limited editions. If a print is to be repeated the colours must be different. They were actually quite fun to make and a hand printed card is quite a special thing in these times of impersonal internet card companies. Im pretty sure there will be more to come.

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