Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hand luggage

I didn't have a bag either big enough or small enough to use as hand luggage for my upcoming holiday (first in over 5 years as well as being first time away, even for a night, from my daughter! Can you tell..... I'm excited!), so i decided to make one.
I used the dimensions of the upper size limit as the basis of my bag design. There wasn't much to it, i printed the fabric, rounded the corners, added some leather and used a zip i already had. So it better fit into that 'hand luggage' guide, else I'm going to look like a real plonker!
I can see some elements id like to change, as always with these things. The best design input comes from actually having tested something for its real purpose. So here goes.............

Id like to do some more bag prints. I have tons of designs from a few Louis Vuitton interviews i did back at college. Having specialised in Womenswear i didn't get the job, which was in accessories design but it did spark an interest in bag making and learning about composure, something Louis Vuitton do exceptionally well. Obviously my bags are more rags in comparison...... but i can dream that i will learn the skills. Until then, budget calico, cotton drill and stencil silk screen printing,...... is where you'll find me.


Anonymous said...

OMG i want this bag!! do you have an etsy?

lauralai said...

Thank you. Web shop is: www.thenynystore.com though unfortunately this bag was a one off.