Tuesday, 12 July 2011

'Shawma' sheep

Birthday cakes were a big deal in my family. My mother has three daughters and each of us had a totally unique 'themed' cake for every birthday, til at least the age of 14 or 15. Hand made from scratch of course, nothing from the shelf of a supermarket!
So being a bit of a craft/ make snob, i feel i have to follow. It doesn't have to be amazing, im not going to compete with my Mother (because i don't have a chance) but i feel i need to at least make an effort. This year i pinched my friends Czech cast iron lamb mould. I checked the web and found a recipe and got straight down to it. I know i dont really write about food but as there seemed to be a bit of a web following and many pictures of peoples Lamb cakes i thought id add mine to the pile too.
This is actually a traditional Czech Easter cake but i decided to use it, partly as i had no better ideas and then as an after thought, my daughter is currently obsessed with the Aardman animations, 'Shaun the Sheep' and every time she sees a little lamb she shouts, 'Shawma sheep'!  Indeed the birthday cake had the same effect....

The most important thing is to line the iron mould well. I greased it with butter, then sprinkled it with semolina.

 Using a pound cake recipe i adapted, i filled the face half and put the back half on top like a lid. The cake mix expands to fill the mould. Not a sandwich job, which we are so used to in the UK.

And Shawma was well recieved.........

Though unlike Czech traditions, no one severed the head first, it was carefully left until the end, when one guy asked if it would be ok to have the head. Very civilised!

(again, if my sister sends any better pictures i shall update, afteral it was her that did most of the hard work with the white chocolate fleece icing- credit! Oh and great tip from my mum, to colour dessicated coconut and ice it down as grass.)

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