Wednesday, 21 September 2011

busy busy busy

I know it looks like im doing nothing again....... but im jumping from one idea to the next and my head is a little too excited to set down and complete things right now. We are planning another Christmas shop! My ideas have gone wild with excitement, so once ive reined myself in i shall reveal some of the things ive been doing these past weeks. More prints, more bright colours and plenty of Kids stuff.
Alongside this, i am grappling with builders, interior decorating/ repairing and also allowing myself a bit of dreaming. I have just found a mini set of Tomado shelves for my daughters room, (my £2.50 recent lottery winnings didnt cover much but they helped). The shelf colours have inspired me to use some flat bold colours in my next project. Hope i have something to show for it all soon.

For now i leave you with Trumpet by Meister whose prints are bold and colourful and really 'totally' jazzy- super fun! (website should be up soon, this is the FB page).