Monday, 14 November 2011

Bows, lots of bows.

Here is a taster of what is to come............

Think colour, children and lots of bows, then check back soon to see if you were right!

Picnic for two

Here are some teddy bears / dolls picnic blankets I've just made. My daughter grabbed herself one of the rejects and started her own picnic with rabbit, while i was still sewing the rest next door! One satisfied little customer.......

Silk screen printed onto double layer cotton gingham. This is a print i have been meaning to do for months.

Sick of fluff around the house.

My beloved old stool finally gave up. Its been around as long as i can remember and since i moved to London, it moved house each time with me. I will never get rid of it, its the perfect work stool and really comfy, in my opinion! Poor thing has been through a lot though, especially since my daughter was born. This was the tantrum at breakfast........

Prior to this it had been pee'd on - accident. (Her not me!) Its been through some intensive hand washes and finally the sides rotted away, letting all the dreaded ancient fibrous stuffing escape. It took me over 4 months to get around to doing anything about it. Meanwhile, everyday i was hoovering up that blasted stuffing which sought its way all around the flat- jeering at me!

Finally re-stuffed, re-stained and oiled and with a new tapestry from my friend in New York. The stool lives on, ready to face another few decades. Thanks Jess. xx

TV shelves

As you can see, there is a theme here..... 'childs bedroom'. This is because the floor in my daughters bedroom was ripped out due to damp, finally after a lot of stress, replaced and now I'm trying to make up for the fact she spent almost two months sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a doorway! A little bit of colour makes everything alright.

So here are some shelves i made from old wooden crates, with enamelled broom handle legs. Once id put it together it reminded me of an old fashioned TV, so i dug out a bit of my daughters broken push along toy that id stashed in my boiler cupboard about a year ago (nice when you feel rewarded by your insane hoarding tendencies). A blob more enamel on the end of that and i stuck it on the top like an arial. When my sister saw this she giggled at my logic/creativity but I'm pretty happy with it. Though essentially it should be along a wall and not in a corner, but small flats dont allow for much choice.

However, had i more cash id have wanted something a bit more like one of Will Shannon's cabinets.        And here you can see that mine is a very unsophisticated version of one of his.....almost!

Book display

Ive been pondering the idea for some time.... To make a book display shelf for those really lovely books that you think are too good to keep hidden in the book shelf, that deserve to be on display much like a painting. Im still desperately trying to locate my mothers copy of  'The tall book of  Make believe' for which i had these in mind. I wanted a small ledge, deep enough for one book, (not a shelf) which could be used to display one book at a time but that could also be changed at will, i.e. no fixing or framing of the book as it will still be read and looked at regularly. Now, bare in mind that this is for a childs bedroom, so the theme is somewhat child orientated ('kitsch' to the rest of you). Here are my pencil book displays....

I made three in all, my daughter loves them and they work just how i wanted them. Again you will notice they have been given the enamel treatment!

(Framed print by illustrator Rosie MacCurrach)

Enamel, sweet juicy enamel!

Ive been gone a while, combination of damp, builders and general housing mayhem all taking place in my shoe box flat. I started to get depressed not being able to make anything and living in what amounted to a bedsit of dusty space with my daughter but now that its passed I'm trying to make up for those wasted two months of my stressed out life.... So i got busy again.

Ive had a love of glossy enamel or lacquered wooden objects for a while. Then, since having a baby i discovered Vilac, the french toy makers and that love was again reinforced. So as a piece of lovely colourful design that would cheer up my everyday life, i made this bathroom light pull. Made from natural cord, wooden beads, various enamel paints (which i will add cost a bomb, due to much experimentation) and a nice big can of Montana gloss spray. I had to extend my light pull to encourage potty training my daughter, and after the various bits of extra string, tassels and a piece of crystal that all got added to the original one (which looked hideous), i decided to slick the place up and be a bit more sophisticated. So here it is...............


With my bathroom being under 2m its hard to take a good full length picture but I'm sure you get the idea.
Ive got a hunger for gloss now, this is not the last of it!