Monday, 14 November 2011

Book display

Ive been pondering the idea for some time.... To make a book display shelf for those really lovely books that you think are too good to keep hidden in the book shelf, that deserve to be on display much like a painting. Im still desperately trying to locate my mothers copy of  'The tall book of  Make believe' for which i had these in mind. I wanted a small ledge, deep enough for one book, (not a shelf) which could be used to display one book at a time but that could also be changed at will, i.e. no fixing or framing of the book as it will still be read and looked at regularly. Now, bare in mind that this is for a childs bedroom, so the theme is somewhat child orientated ('kitsch' to the rest of you). Here are my pencil book displays....

I made three in all, my daughter loves them and they work just how i wanted them. Again you will notice they have been given the enamel treatment!

(Framed print by illustrator Rosie MacCurrach)

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