Monday, 14 November 2011

Enamel, sweet juicy enamel!

Ive been gone a while, combination of damp, builders and general housing mayhem all taking place in my shoe box flat. I started to get depressed not being able to make anything and living in what amounted to a bedsit of dusty space with my daughter but now that its passed I'm trying to make up for those wasted two months of my stressed out life.... So i got busy again.

Ive had a love of glossy enamel or lacquered wooden objects for a while. Then, since having a baby i discovered Vilac, the french toy makers and that love was again reinforced. So as a piece of lovely colourful design that would cheer up my everyday life, i made this bathroom light pull. Made from natural cord, wooden beads, various enamel paints (which i will add cost a bomb, due to much experimentation) and a nice big can of Montana gloss spray. I had to extend my light pull to encourage potty training my daughter, and after the various bits of extra string, tassels and a piece of crystal that all got added to the original one (which looked hideous), i decided to slick the place up and be a bit more sophisticated. So here it is...............


With my bathroom being under 2m its hard to take a good full length picture but I'm sure you get the idea.
Ive got a hunger for gloss now, this is not the last of it!

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