Monday, 14 November 2011

Sick of fluff around the house.

My beloved old stool finally gave up. Its been around as long as i can remember and since i moved to London, it moved house each time with me. I will never get rid of it, its the perfect work stool and really comfy, in my opinion! Poor thing has been through a lot though, especially since my daughter was born. This was the tantrum at breakfast........

Prior to this it had been pee'd on - accident. (Her not me!) Its been through some intensive hand washes and finally the sides rotted away, letting all the dreaded ancient fibrous stuffing escape. It took me over 4 months to get around to doing anything about it. Meanwhile, everyday i was hoovering up that blasted stuffing which sought its way all around the flat- jeering at me!

Finally re-stuffed, re-stained and oiled and with a new tapestry from my friend in New York. The stool lives on, ready to face another few decades. Thanks Jess. xx

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