Friday, 17 February 2012

Christmas shop

A very late blog.... i finally got hold of some photos as id never taken any in all the excitement. You can see the tiny shop from December 2011. And a happy but exhausted Rosie and I in one of our friends best sellers, hats by 'Beaut of the world'.

Tons of lovely things made by many talented people, too many to mention.......... but a few favourites, food by Divine and delicious, knitwear by beaut of the world, Wrapping paper and canvas bags and gift tags by Rosie MacCurrach, elephant stools by Will Shannon, Gicle prints by Rosie MacCurrach, assorted cards and notebooks by Liberty Belle London and Cristina Guitan.

Fox Jumpers, collaboration with Rosie MacCurrach

Here are some kids jumpers that i printed and embroidered, using an illustration by Rosie MacCurrach. I love her work, though in style it differs quite a lot from my own it captures the beauty of childhood, the essence of a magical world and transports me to an inspiring dream world. It transfers perfectly to textiles and looks beautiful on childrenswear. Im hoping to get her in on a lot more projects in the future. We are currently contemplating some ideas in Knitwear which could be really exciting. Rosie has also made some lovely canvas shoppers using this fox print. Pictures to follow.

Baby T-shirts

A few little baby T-shirts i printed in sizes 0-1 and 1-2. Not my best design work but then not bad for an afternoon. Of course i like the cloud best.

Raindrop t-shirts

To carry on a motif which has appeared in my work for a while now......i decided to abstract my rain cloud and print just the rain drops. I like the simple shapes of the droplets and wanted to do a rainbow version. This was actually done with one screen but i had to work really fast as i used my three mini squeegees to screen 9 different colours. I had to have plenty of rags to hand as each squeegee needed to be wiped to apply the next colour. It was a bit of a race against the clock as i had to keep the screen wet to avoid it clogging before printing the next t-shirt. This way i could only get about 10 t-shirts done before having to strip the screen. And with stencils this is a lot more time consuming than the quick wash that you could do with an exposed screen.

Bow t-shirts

Bright, exaggerated soft bows. Two colour ways both on grey marl. I love bright coloured childrens clothes, patterns and rainbow colours. Of course im still partial to a more sombre palette and the refined details that may be found in clothes such as Chloe for Kids but id rather my daughters clothes be playful and fun. She can grow up later, when its time!
This was meant as a great party T-shirt or just for everyday play. It is one to get you noticed and looks great with a plain cardigan. The bows took a lot of practice to get right and experimentation with different fabrics and stiffeners. They needed to be able to hold their shape but not be hard to touch. In the end, a thin layer of wadding looked best and gave them a lovely smooth appearance.

Finished aprons

I know its been ages. Many excuses, none all that exciting but here is my back-log of finished work that i didnt show before Christmas. I am a little ashamed to say that i have done nothing since. Of course i have plans but tiredness has stopped me, and so they still remain mere plans......for now.

The finished apron and a close up of the bowl shaped pocket. A real nightmare to print as this was all done with stencils. And yes, each colour had a seperate stencil and screen.......thats 6 different colours there, believe it or not! Im happy with the outcome, despite the method, it worked pretty well.