Sunday, 29 April 2012

Meredew drawers

These drawers were found on e-bay. Id been looking for about two weeks for any wooden drawers that were not too far out of London, that i could bare to have in the centre of my living room. I was not being too fussy but they did need to be wooden and in good condition. Possibly long and low and possibly with legs but this was just the ideal find. Then one day these popped up for £25 and they happened to be two roads away from me, so i snapped them up. My super friend helped me carry them home although i was slow and huffing and puffing a bit, being six months pregnant. Then i rather too quickly got to work to give them a bit of a spruce up. Sanded the top and sides where there were marks and deep scratches, then rushed out for some bright yellow gloss! In hindsight i think i should have re-stained and varnished the top and sides and then painted the drawer fronts but about 4 coats of various paint later, well, its too late! They are by Meredew furniture from the 1960s and I've only found two pictures on the Internet, so i hope I've not ruined them for ever- eek! Lets see how long this glossy finish will last.......

Wooden stacking stools

This is possibly the start of a few DIY home improvement posts I'm afraid. While the normal creative flow has been put on hold i am busy trying to sort my house out before baby number two arrives. My living room has been a very uninviting, studio storage space for almost three years now. The biggest room in our small flat was just a mess of wires, sewing machines and paint! It was not visitor or particularly child friendly, let alone anywhere id hang out in my down time. So I'm guessing it is this 'nesting' urge brought on by pregnancy, that has motivated me to change a few things. And change it has indeed! Not a single piece of original furniture remains, which is extreme and sounds a bit flamboyant. But its all on a very tight budget, which is only possible for someone like me, who has had the time to put in enough hours to trawl e-bay and charity shops and hunt out bargains ( also meaning i can spend money on pieces i desperately want, that i cant find cheap). I shall put a break down later on but so far here are a few things i have done so far.........

Ikea Frosta stools, maybe not as fancy as the Alvar Aalto classic but as far as I've put them into practice, are just as good and pennies in comparison. I really liked the coloured seats on some of the original 60E's and decided to get out my beloved enamel paints again. A friend pointed out that painted tops will become scratched and dented quite quickly with use, so i decided to paint just a stripe around the outside. It took a fair bit of time to put two coats on neatly but I'm pretty happy with the result. They look a little less 'Ikea' now and a little more cheery and colourful.

Ironing board covers

Just thought id re-mention my dislike of pretty much all manufactured ironing board covers. Why do manufacturing companies always choose such hideous fabrics for their ironing boards? Now i know there are a few design brands that make slightly more tasteful ones but on the whole, much like bed mattress fabric, the choice available is entirely hideous and very much set in the 70's/ early 80's when cheap and tatty had a whole new market. Anyway, rant over! I cover my own boards myself with fabrics i don't mind looking at (they are durable too) and when they eventually burn.......yes my ironing is a little hap-hazard, i make a new one.

On seeing a friends very sorry looking ironing board (with a cover so thin it left wire grid marks on the clothes), i decided to make her a new one. The original fabric was actually not nearly as offensive as any I've seen before and i happened to have a similar coloured off cut from a previous project, so i used it. This is not really a post about something amazing I've made but to show people how easy it is to make your own. All you need to do is trace round the original cover, adding an extra cm or two for shrinkage. add a layer of wadding if it needs padding replaced on the board and then sew a bias tape all around the outside edge. Folding it with a strong but thin piece of string inside. Easy, new pretty ironing board with better padding, makes ironing a happier task!

Egg rolling 2012

This year we organised another game of Egg rolling. Same place, same rules but this time we had lots more children involved, which was really fun yet totally chaotic (for someone with control issues like me!) I painted six eggs (left in the box), so did my daughter (hers on the right), with one of hers being the most minute 'mini egg'- (100% real hard boiled egg, as per my apparently 'strict' rules), which came from one of my mothers young Dartmoor free range chickens. None of ours stood the test of time or the heat of the competition. (well hers- she became protective of and had to take 4 home to display). The winners this year were the men! And not the eggs you might think either. No, not the ones with padding or layers of elastic bands but plain boiled eggs with painted shells. Winning adult egg was the red one at the bottom right and the winning child egg was the powder blue one in the centre. It was great fun in all and hopefully we will do it next year too.

Currently struggling with this new Blogger editing i had to change to dreaded Google Chrome to be able to continue blogging. Sigh. Bare with me, hopefully i will understand it all soon.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Absent again.........oops

I fear there may be a decline in my blog posting, in the future. Its clear that ive been less productive in the last few months. Lots of things really......getting pregnant, living out of boxes and some extreme nesting which has led to replacing everything i own (in the living room) for something different. Ive been wheeling and dealing- i like to call it and its become quite the full scale mission. Ive still got over three months before another troublesome little creature appears in the house but it feels like ive barely got any time to sort out the house and get some lingering creative projects wrapped up. Bags with Rosie, curtains for all the rooms in the flat, re-upholster the sofa and of course finish the obsessive interior makeover i started. So while i have nothing new to show for my existence right now, i may have some pics in a few days, of our annual egg roll which will take place tomorrow. That should brighten these empty pages temporarily. I am still here and this blog is still active, though very irregular. Apologies! x