Friday, 13 April 2012

Absent again.........oops

I fear there may be a decline in my blog posting, in the future. Its clear that ive been less productive in the last few months. Lots of things really......getting pregnant, living out of boxes and some extreme nesting which has led to replacing everything i own (in the living room) for something different. Ive been wheeling and dealing- i like to call it and its become quite the full scale mission. Ive still got over three months before another troublesome little creature appears in the house but it feels like ive barely got any time to sort out the house and get some lingering creative projects wrapped up. Bags with Rosie, curtains for all the rooms in the flat, re-upholster the sofa and of course finish the obsessive interior makeover i started. So while i have nothing new to show for my existence right now, i may have some pics in a few days, of our annual egg roll which will take place tomorrow. That should brighten these empty pages temporarily. I am still here and this blog is still active, though very irregular. Apologies! x

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