Sunday, 29 April 2012

Egg rolling 2012

This year we organised another game of Egg rolling. Same place, same rules but this time we had lots more children involved, which was really fun yet totally chaotic (for someone with control issues like me!) I painted six eggs (left in the box), so did my daughter (hers on the right), with one of hers being the most minute 'mini egg'- (100% real hard boiled egg, as per my apparently 'strict' rules), which came from one of my mothers young Dartmoor free range chickens. None of ours stood the test of time or the heat of the competition. (well hers- she became protective of and had to take 4 home to display). The winners this year were the men! And not the eggs you might think either. No, not the ones with padding or layers of elastic bands but plain boiled eggs with painted shells. Winning adult egg was the red one at the bottom right and the winning child egg was the powder blue one in the centre. It was great fun in all and hopefully we will do it next year too.

Currently struggling with this new Blogger editing i had to change to dreaded Google Chrome to be able to continue blogging. Sigh. Bare with me, hopefully i will understand it all soon.

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