Sunday, 29 April 2012

Meredew drawers

These drawers were found on e-bay. Id been looking for about two weeks for any wooden drawers that were not too far out of London, that i could bare to have in the centre of my living room. I was not being too fussy but they did need to be wooden and in good condition. Possibly long and low and possibly with legs but this was just the ideal find. Then one day these popped up for £25 and they happened to be two roads away from me, so i snapped them up. My super friend helped me carry them home although i was slow and huffing and puffing a bit, being six months pregnant. Then i rather too quickly got to work to give them a bit of a spruce up. Sanded the top and sides where there were marks and deep scratches, then rushed out for some bright yellow gloss! In hindsight i think i should have re-stained and varnished the top and sides and then painted the drawer fronts but about 4 coats of various paint later, well, its too late! They are by Meredew furniture from the 1960s and I've only found two pictures on the Internet, so i hope I've not ruined them for ever- eek! Lets see how long this glossy finish will last.......

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