Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wooden stacking stools

This is possibly the start of a few DIY home improvement posts I'm afraid. While the normal creative flow has been put on hold i am busy trying to sort my house out before baby number two arrives. My living room has been a very uninviting, studio storage space for almost three years now. The biggest room in our small flat was just a mess of wires, sewing machines and paint! It was not visitor or particularly child friendly, let alone anywhere id hang out in my down time. So I'm guessing it is this 'nesting' urge brought on by pregnancy, that has motivated me to change a few things. And change it has indeed! Not a single piece of original furniture remains, which is extreme and sounds a bit flamboyant. But its all on a very tight budget, which is only possible for someone like me, who has had the time to put in enough hours to trawl e-bay and charity shops and hunt out bargains ( also meaning i can spend money on pieces i desperately want, that i cant find cheap). I shall put a break down later on but so far here are a few things i have done so far.........

Ikea Frosta stools, maybe not as fancy as the Alvar Aalto classic but as far as I've put them into practice, are just as good and pennies in comparison. I really liked the coloured seats on some of the original 60E's and decided to get out my beloved enamel paints again. A friend pointed out that painted tops will become scratched and dented quite quickly with use, so i decided to paint just a stripe around the outside. It took a fair bit of time to put two coats on neatly but I'm pretty happy with the result. They look a little less 'Ikea' now and a little more cheery and colourful.

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