Monday, 28 May 2012

Children's accessories

These are the finished accessory cards. I sealed them in plastic bags which does ruin them a bit but as the card was not all that strong i decided it was best to protect them. Ideally id like really thick card or even board but then it would cost too much to print them up for it to be worthwhile right now. Im pretty pleased with them, i think they look super cute and much more inspiring for kids than a loose accessory. I will be putting some of these in my daughters party bags, i hope the kids like them as much as i do!

Party invitations year 3....

Time is running out faster this year. Though i started out with the usual amount of time, Ive been much more tired (lazy) and a little pre-occupied. So despite careful planning and designing I'm cutting corners, economising and simplifying things to meet my deadline. I did these in my 2 child-free nursery hours and got my daughter to colour them when she got home. The harlequin print diamonds in the background will echo the print I'm planning for the party bags. Addressed, posted Job done!

(the cards have been hand cut and the corners clipped with a corner punch. The envelopes are a photocopy of a fabric collage. Easy as pie!)

Cat face accessory cards

My daughter has a little toy cat that she adores who is white, sweet and feminine looking but also loves Kwazii, the mischievous Pirate cat from Octonauts. I decided to use the image of a cat to hold my little accessories, bows and eye patches. After a bit of a journey, starting with the most complex method, i got them printed and finally made up. 

I started with a screen print but despite spray mounting my stencil really well it kept lifting and smudging the print. I gave up as i wanted quick and pretty crisp results.

These were the techniques i tried. Silk screen print, spray paint through stencil and a hand drawn copy. I went with the computer printed option. Quick, with predictable results each time. why do i try to make things so complex all the time?!

Almost there....the eye patches i made using a combed cotton, so its nice and soft. There are stuffed bows on the girls version. Yes, they are a little bit gender generic but pretty fun i think.

Lightening bolt t-shirts

I dyed these grey as they were looking a bit too Eastern European for my tastes. What a pain though, I ended up having to re-foil them all over again. Note to self: a 30 degree wash MEANS a 30 degree wash, not a degree higher.

They are much better now and a bit more macho. I was intending the lightening bolt to be 'superhero-esque' which I'm not sure Ive achieved but its a lot better than the white background and looks a bit more rugged. Hopefully, if people stick to the 30 degrees rule, they will age nicely rather than being totally washed out in the first clean. 

Friday, 4 May 2012

A little bit of printing for a rainy day.....

I really wanted to see if my new living room layout, would be easy or stressful to continue making things. I wanted to see if the table was suitable for printing and how easy it was to access all the things i had so neatly put away, whereas before everything just lay out- waiting for use, Studio style.

My tie on print bed fits perfectly, even with the table packed up. (But its best to extend at least one side to perch the inks and tools).

I wanted to test out some screen printing with foil, that i learnt how to use the other day. One of the many advantages of having a textile genius as a friend- you get to learn about all sorts of techniques with insider tips! I decided to print some kids t-shirts as its coming up to that party time of year again.....and while i don't want to bust my balls or my bank balance with efforts making party bags, i also don't want to drop it. It will only be a month before baby brother arrives and i think my little girl needs all the spoiling she can get before the mayhem hits our house.

These were printed up pretty quickly. I didn't really plan them or think about it much- i should have. I'm pretty impatient sometimes and just rush straight into things. Anyway, once id finished around midnight i freaked out a little in my sleepy haze and felt like my red, orange and pink colour way could be perceived a bit gory- a bit like blood! Eek- not what i want to be presenting to toddlers at a party!

The boys lightening strike comes from my super hero cape project of last year but on the white it looks rather 80's trash, so i may dye these later on. 

I took stock, decided to make some new screens. Perfectly sturdy made with a glue and a staple gun. £4.40 for wood at the local hardware store and i have two A4's and an A3 screen. Much cheaper than buying them. Professionals may scoff at my method of making but for small scale home printing, you'd be surprised how easy and simple it can be to get decent enough results with basic methods.

I decided to add another colour raindrop to move away from the possible blood look.

Blue raindrops, as well as one more gold one near the top. (Here you can possibly only see the glue which is screened first, then when its dry you apply the foil with an iron).

The final image. Pah, it will do! Not the best of well thought out design but for an afternoon to evening project, not bad. Though i now realise i have to make a few more as my daughter has more friends than id estimated. Bother, a trip back to John Lewis for their super soft t-shirt tops.