Monday, 28 May 2012

Cat face accessory cards

My daughter has a little toy cat that she adores who is white, sweet and feminine looking but also loves Kwazii, the mischievous Pirate cat from Octonauts. I decided to use the image of a cat to hold my little accessories, bows and eye patches. After a bit of a journey, starting with the most complex method, i got them printed and finally made up. 

I started with a screen print but despite spray mounting my stencil really well it kept lifting and smudging the print. I gave up as i wanted quick and pretty crisp results.

These were the techniques i tried. Silk screen print, spray paint through stencil and a hand drawn copy. I went with the computer printed option. Quick, with predictable results each time. why do i try to make things so complex all the time?!

Almost there....the eye patches i made using a combed cotton, so its nice and soft. There are stuffed bows on the girls version. Yes, they are a little bit gender generic but pretty fun i think.

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